Trail Usage Guidelines

No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail except authorized emergency, maintenance and patrol vehicles.
No persons under 12 years of age allowed on trail unless accompanied by an adult.

No person shall litter or dispose of litter except in waste container

Possession or use of alcoholic beverages, drug and paraphernalia is prohibited.
Any and all advertising, exhibitions, and solicitations  are prohibited.

No glass containers permitted.
  • Disorderly conduct is prohibited including, but not limited to: abusive language, intoxication, disturbance of other persons using the trail, or breach of peace.

  • Dogs must be on a leash, cleaned up after, and accompanied by the owner of said dog or dogs.

  • Special Guidelines For Bicyclists

  • Slow down when encountering pedestrians

  • Ride to the right side of the trail. Crossing the centerline only to pass others on the trail.

  • Ride only two abreast if the trail is wide enough.